Cyclic Inspection Winners

⠀We are glad to share with you the news that, as a result of the analysis of the Cyclic Inspection for the period from May 1 to June 30, 2022, several Inventory Specialists distinguished themselves in shift No. 1 in the following categories:

– Checking GL materials: Serik Akkubekov (1225 items, 366250 ea);

– Checking Non GL materials: Lowedin Aliby (571 items, 224851 ea).

The analysis took into account the number of positions, the total number of materials in each position, as well as the categories of materials being checked. To date, no claims have been found for the quality of the verification for the above specialists, therefore, at the internal meeting of the Inventory Group on July 3, 2022, memorable prizes were awarded to the nominees.